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Last Night’s Look

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I randomly won a contest I had entered on Instagram. I know... how the Hell did that even happen?! Honestly, it was pure dumb luck. This track suit is from Pegador High Fashion and it is my favorite outfit to wear.

Complete with Ease

The track suit jacket and pants are from Pegador High Fashion, but the rest of the outfit was proudly completed with ease and for less than $40.00.

The day after I received my package from Pegador, I set out to complete the look with a couple of my friends- Now, I am fortunate to have a group of friends who uplift and empower me when it comes to my hobbies- I had basically dragged the two of them to Burlington and we set out on a mission to find a matching yellow shirt and yellow shoes.

The Burlington Adventure

I had originally set out to find a yellow shirt and yellow shoes to go with the accents on the track suit, but I knew I would have to rely on luck. With the help of Andrew and Liz, we were able to wander the store and pick out as many yellow shirts as possible to see if we could find a shade of yellow that would even come close to what I needed. I do have to say, Burlington carries more yellow than I thought they would.

We did not end up finding appropriately yellow shoes, however I did find these sweet navy blue kicks that were perfect. When I shop for shoes, I always check the kid-boys section first because their clothes are usually cheaper. Depending on the brand, I usually wear a size 3 shoe in kid-boys. This makes my shopping a tad bit cheaper, but I don't always have the best selection. With luck, I found these size 3 and perfectly blue shoes.

This outfit definitely hits the top three of my favorite looks. When I wear this track suit, I feel confident, I feel pretty, and I feel vibrant. The color choice for yellow was a risk I had taken and after this fabulous purchase, I am certainly adding more yellow to my wardrobe.

Get Inspired

Are you having trouble coordinating? Maybe try this for outfit completion- Take your favorite pieces and look at the accent colors in the patterns. If finding those accented colors is damn near impossible, I usually coordinate my shoes with my bandana. If I had not been so lucky to find my shirt and shoes at Burlington, I would have completed this outfit with a white t-shirt and white shoes, that I already own, with a white bandana to match.

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