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Oh Boy and Records or Somethin'

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Sometimes my inspiration for different outfits comes from pieces that people give to me, or that I already own, and this hat is key to the whole get-up for today.

My dad passed away in 2014 and I have recently been given a few of his items that he left behind, including this featured Oh Boy Records hat. Oh Boy Records is a recording company that was founded by John Prine in 1981 and my dad was his number one fan. For those of you who are unfamiliar, John Prine is a singer/songwriter who has been actively composing and recording since the 1970's.

When I say my dad was John Prine's number one fan, this is no understatement. The man knew just about every song by heart, which puts me to shame because I repetitively listen to the same 15 songs by this songwriting genius. My dudes, here are three of my favorite songs by John Prine.

1. Angel From Montgomery ft Bonnie Raitt

2. New Train

3. Blue Umbrella

Songwriter or Peace Maker

John Prine's music was a big part of how my family connected with each other when I was growing up. My dad's enthusiasm for the goofy song writing allowed for everyone to enjoy and sing along despite our family challenges with sickness', mental illness, physical disabilities, and no money to cover the costs. Oh Boy Records brought joy and laughter into our home and during those three minute songs, we actually enjoyed being in each other's company.

[I would like to emphasize that I have many happy memories of childhood and it is not just John Prine who contributed! I have a wonderful mom who works hard and loves harder.]

Fun fact- My dad was inspired by the song Dear Abby and named my sister Abigail. Lucky middle child.

The Rest of the Get-Up

It was important for me to wear this hat, so the rest of the outfit had to coordinate. I am a very small Pretty Dyke, so I shop in the kid-boys section and on a small budget. A while back, I was shopping at (of all places) Walmart and I looked over to see these washed-out, black rider jeans. My dudes, these black jeans are my absolute favorite and they only cost me $14.00. The black t-shirt also came from the kid-boys section in Walmart, where I buy most of my plain t-shirts because they are only about $3.00 and some change.

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