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That's a Wrap!

Binding your chest- what? why? ...the fuck? - But really, why not? If you feel comfortable when you bind your chest, then what is the big deal? Binding doesn't mean you have to identify as LGBTQ in order to feel confident in your own skin. I'm not encouraging you to bind, I'm just saying that there is nothing wrong with me (or other Pretty Dykes, or whoever) doing so.

First and Foremost, Your Safety Matters

There is nothing wrong with binding, however there are safety precautions to take. When I first started binding, I wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly, so I did some research before I bought one and I highly encourage you to do the same if you choose to bind.

Easy Rules to Remember

1. Never use duct tape

2. If it hurts, stop

3. Take your binder off before you sleep

4. Keep your binding under 8 hours a day or take periodic breaks

I found this website helpful and I encourage you to read it:


But Mads, Did Your Pronouns Change?

The pronouns I use are she/her/hers. I simply feel more comfortable and confident when I bind my chest because my androgynous look reflects my authentic self. Anyone can bind no matter how they identify. Just don't hurt yourself! And never buy a size too small!

Got Any Links I Can Use?

I bought my binders from Walmart's online store for $15.00 and some change! I prefer the sports bra style with clasps, but that is just my preference- There are many different styles!

What I Wear -> Click Here

Other Styles -> Click Here

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